AUREX x-line

AUREX x-line


Measuring large pipes with a diameter of up to 9.843'' reliably and without interruptions? Is that even possible? Yes, it is - with innovative iNOEX measuring technologies based on pneumatic adjustable sensors. The ultrasonic sensors are mounted on pneumatically operated carrier arms which are adjusted to the required pipe diameter and the wall thickness is measured. Subsequent control loops for weight per length and thin points reduce wall thickness tolerances to a minimum. The exact pipe diameter can be measured via an angle meter. The better centering results in considerable material savings and noticeably higher profits in the extrusion process of large pipes.


  • Very accurate diameter measurement
  • Large measuring range with retrofittable measuring range extension
  • Proven measuring and control techniques
  • Comprehensive production data
  • Production process runs evenly and is reproducible due to constant wall thickness sizes and an optimum centering
  • Material savings of 5 % or more due to a better centering and a straight start-up process
  • Increased production capacity due to reduced weight per length based on thin point control
  • Very simple sensor exchange
  • Integration into extruder control
  • Individual data evaluation on request
  • Profibus DP, Profinet, Ethernet, CANopen
  • Smart diameter measurement

TypeNo. of SensorsPipe dimension (inch)
x-line 800 87.874 - 31.496
x-line 1000 88.858 - 39.370
x-line 1200 89.843 - 47.244
x-line 16008 / 12 / 1624.803 - 62.992
x-line 20008 / 12 / 1639.370 - 78.740
x-line 25008 / 12 / 1662.992 - 98.425