Due to the integrated kind of THz chip of the latest generation, WARP 8 can be offered at an excellent price/performance ratio. Another plus is that diameters do not have to be calculated as it is the case with other measuring principles but they are measured directly. As such, the measuring accuracy of the recorded data is substantially higher. 

Of importance for the success of a measuring and control system is not only the savings potential but also an easy operation. iNOEX is able to set a new standard here. The automatic centering by way of an XY cross table and the fact that no dimensioned components are required simplify enormously the process of putting the system into operation. Another strong point is the visualization software. All the line operator has to do is select the recipe and start the measuring process.

WARP 8 is able to carry out measurement without having to know any of the properties of the extruded plastic material or the temperature of a pipe wall. It derives measuring data from 8 measuring points and pipe diameters in 4 axes. Further, the operator receives measuring data on wall thickness, ovality and eccentricity.
On account of the 8 measuring points of WARP 8, the system is able to safely detect sagging at the critical points. 



  • Detailed product information (wall thickness, diameters, eccentricity, ovality)
  • Direct measurement
  • Automatic centering
  • Independent of temperatures
  • Maintenance-free
  • Material savings of 5 % or more through s-min. control or thin points control, improved centering process and a systematic start-up of the extrusion line
  • Documentation for submission to the customer
  • Proven control principles
  • Easy connection to extruder control
  • Easy to use, thus low training needs
TypePipe dimension (mm)

WARP 8 / 250

60 - 250 (2.36" - 9.84")

WARP 8 / 400

90 - 400 (3.54" - 15.75")
WARP 8 / 63090 - 630 (3.54" - 24.80")
WARP 8 / 1200250 - 1200 (9.84" - 47.24")