ADVANTAGE Pipe support


Positioned in the right height according to the pipe dimension, ADVANTAGE pipe guidances ensure the safe and centrical guidance of the pipe in the vacuum tank. With ADVANTAGE 2.0 iNOEX is using flexible pipe screws for pipe diameter of up to 400 mm. The conically shaped bearing surface is turned to a point where the top half circle equals the currently produced pipe diameter. For all pipe diameters larger than 400 mm an innovative pipe guidance especially designed for high loads is used. Adjustment to different pipe sizes is carried out through a chain support which adapts itself to the pipe geometry and thus ensures a perfect lateral guidance.


  • Flexible support, no need to exchange it for dimensional changes
  • No time required for conversion
  • Optimum adaptation to extrusion height
  • Designed for extremely high-load capacities
  • Compact design
  • Large setting range

DesignPipe support
Pipe dimensions (mm)
Pipe screwsPipe support 12525 - 1285
Pipe screwsPipe support 16032 - 160
Pipe screwsPipe support 25050 - 250
Pipe screwsPipe support 40063 - 400
Expanding gridPipe support 50090 - 500
Expanding grid
Pipe support 630200 - 630
Expanding gridPipe support 800400 - 800
Expanding gridPipe support 1000630 - 1000