ADVANTAGE 2.0 Sealing


Regardless of the diameter the reliable sealing of the vacuum tank is prerequisite for successful extrusion. The flexible ADVANTAGE sealing takes on this task with iNOEX typical precision. The innovative foam seal is used for pipe dimensions ≤ 630 mm, for larger pipe sizes the compact segmented seal will be the appropriate choice.

Flexible ADVANTAGE 2.0 seals feature a very large working range of 1:4. They consist of two foam bodies of simple and robust design. The foam bodies are saturated with water to obtain an excellent sliding effect.

The ADVANTAGE 2.0 segmented seal has been designed specifically for XXL pipes of > 630 mm dia. A combination of springs and sealing lugs allow a highly flexible infinite adjustment to changing pipe diameters and ensure a reliable sealing effect to maintain the vacuum.


  • Reliable vacuum inside the tank
  • Large setting range
  • Adjustable to any diameter within the setting range
  • Continuous adaptation to varying pipe dimensions - no disruption of the production process
  • Suitable for all pressure classes
  • Retrofitting possible into all vacuum tanks available in the market



Foam SealPipe dimension (mm)
with foam body 1
Pipe dimension (mm)
with foam body 2
ADVANTAGE 2.0 FD 16080 - 16040 - 80
ADVANTAGE 2.0 FD 250125 - 25063 - 125
ADVANTAGE 2.0 FD 400200 - 400110 - 200
ADVANTAGE 2.0 FD 630315 - 630160 - 315
Segmented sealPipe dimension (mm)
ADVANTAGE FD 800450 - 800
ADVANTAGE FD 1000630 - 1000