ADVANTAGE 2.0 Forming Chamber


Enlarge your process window with ADVANTAGE 2.0 Forming Chamber - maximum flexibility by a simple mechanism. ADVANTAGE 2.0 forming chambers dispense with time-consuming die set changes on the extrusion die.

The melt flow is deflected after it has passed the basic die set pursuant to which it is given a new size in wall thickness and diameter. The new melt orientation is obtained by 4 segments which can be opened and closed. ADVANTAGE 2.0 forming chambers are available for PE pipes from 32 to 400 mm (1.26 - 15.75“).


  • Dimensional change without die set changes (extrusion die set)
  • Large process window & good pipe quality
  • Existing extrusion die equipment remains in operation
  • Can be used for co-extrusion dies as well
  • No adaptation of gap settings in the die, but diameter changes and gap width changes
  • Suitable for retrofitting