ADVANTAGE 2.0 Calibration Sleeve


A dimensional change used to require a lot of time and effort, but fully automated it is barely noticeable nowadays. Centerpiece of the ADVANTAGE 2.0 technology is the revised calibration sleeve. All dimensions from 75 to 630 mm and their corresponding pressure classes are infinitely and easily adjustable by using the existing extrusion. Both the inlet and the calibration cage are adjustable by synchronized motors to any diameter within the setting range. Diagonal circumferential bands create a tubular body with a perfectly round inner contour in order to obtain a homogeneous and streak-less pipe surface. The ADVANTAGE XXL series covers pipe dimensions up to 1000 mm.


  • Increased capacity due to the absence of setup time or start-up time
  • Reduced scrap during start-up
  • Automated change of dimensions within the setting range
  • Greater degree of flexibility resulting from a more easy production program
  • Higher productivity due to the absence of investments in dimensional equipment for calibration, pipe support and seals
  • Reduced working capital in the storage area
  • Immense increase in efficiency


Calibration sleevePipe dimensions (mm)
ADVANTAGE 2.0 12575 - 125
ADVANTAGE 2.0 16090 - 160
ADVANTAGE 2.0 250140 - 250
ADVANTAGE 2.0 400225 - 400
ADVANTAGE 2.0 630355 - 630
ADVANTAGE 800450 - 800
ADVANTAGE 1000630 - 1000