The automation of dimensional changes belongs to the challenges in pipe extrusion. iNOEX is setting new standards with ADVANTAGE dimensional changes. All dimensioned components of the vacuum tank (calibration sleeve, pipe support, sealing) are adjusted in a fully automated process on the basis of the setpoints supplied by the ADVANTAGE control unit. Therefore, there are next to no alternatives to the strengths of peroxide and silane crosslinked PEX-a and PEX-b pipes.

ADVANTAGE 2.0 Forming Chamber

Enlarge your process window with ADVANTAGE 2.0 Forming Chamber - maximum flexibility by a simple mechanism. ADVANTAGE 2.0 forming chambers dispense...


ADVANTAGE 2.0 Calibration Sleeve

A dimensional change used to require a lot of time and effort, but fully automated it is barely noticeable nowadays. Centerpiece of the ADVANTAGE 2.0...


ADVANTAGE Pipe support

Positioned in the right height according to the pipe dimension, ADVANTAGE pipe guidances ensure the safe and centrical guidance of the pipe in the...


ADVANTAGE 2.0 Sealing

Regardless of the diameter the reliable sealing of the vacuum tank is prerequisite for successful extrusion. The flexible ADVANTAGE sealing takes on...


iVT Vacuum tank

Innovative vacuum, cooling, and tempering technology consisting of several modules (inlet, cooling and tempering, water supply) is not only easy to...


iKT Cooling tank

With excellent cooling performance the iKT cooling tank perfectly matches the iVT vacuum tank with the same working ranges. The easy to handle and low...