Just in time for the K show in Düsseldorf, iNOEX will present its latest product developments in the field of high-precision measuring & control technologies, including the cloud-based production data acquisition and analysis.

Moreover, you will find product premieres based on x-ray technology and optical diameter measurement on our booth E79 in hall 10.

Experience first-hand our intelligent networked novelties designed to make your extrusion process more efficient. Dive into an exciting new dimension of sensor/measuring systems for pipes, tubes, cables, film, EVOH, blown film and foam products.

iXRAY – High-precision x-ray systems for wall thickness and diameter measurement in the μm range

The iXRAY line features a robust and highly precise measuring instrument designed for wall thickness and diameter measurement of single and multiple layer pipes, tubes and rubber products. The core pieces are state-of-the-art x-ray components combined with the latest semiconductor sensor technology. They allow a precise spatial resolution and accuracies in the µm range. Even with high line speeds the x-ray system supplies – optionally on 2 or 3 axes – precise measuring results. Standard iXRAY systems made by iNOEX are designed for pipe dimensions from 0,6 to 110 mm.

During the development of the iXRAY systems, the focus was placed on wall thickness and diameter measurement for multiple layers. This includes particularly aluminium composite pipes, fabric-reinforced pressure tubes, foam products, medical tubes and hoses as well as cables. The main focus is on reproducible dimensional product accuracy in the µm range and thus the quality assurance aspect.

In PVC extrusion, the centering of the extrusion die (e.g. for rubber tubing) or the thermal die head centering are realized by way of an additional interface. Another advantage: the standardized process data interface OPC-UA.

X-ray systems of the iXRAY line have been designed to protect the operator from any risk. Because of their low radiation power, these systems are operated far below permitted legal thresholds. Additional safety devices ensure a completely safe use:

  • Hermetically sealed x-ray sources
  • Screens to absorb radiation that is not needed
  • X-ray radiation individually adapted to specific products
  • Safety switches supervise radiation protection shields
  • X-ray radiation enabled only in perfect condition

The highest line efficiency combined with raw material savings can be achieved when iNOEX gravimetric systems and proven iNOEX process components are added to the line. This makes iXRAY systems cost-effective complete solutions for the automation of extrusion lines.

The user-friendly iXRAY measuring system was designed for comfortable and intuitive operation based on a completely new development of a widget-based HMI. The 21“ operation terminal with a future-oriented and cross-platform operation displays all data, trend graphics and process values and meets the very highest requirements. The line operator only needs to select the pipe, hose or cable recipe and start the measuring process. Due to the responsive design, the configuration can be opened with any web browser or Smart Device.

iXRAY systems can be complemented by iXACT diameter measuring systems which are able to carry out up to 16.000 measurements per second per axis. They are frequently used for pipe or tube diameter measurement at the end of the extrusion line and they are implemented in the loop control for shrinkage calibration.

iXACT – Impressive optical diameter measurement

These systems based on semiconductor sensor technology and high-power LED are able to measure strongly vibrating tubes thanks to their high measuring sequence frequency. The high-power LED make measurement of most transparent materials very simple. 

A Plug & Play solution which does not need any calibration also offers a difference function which registers any sudden variations. As such, it is possible to detect irregularities (e.g. knots, necking) on the measured extruded surface.

An additional camera helps to compensate measuring errors due to inclination. This in turn increases the accuracy of the diameter measurement.

The 2 or 3 axes measurement that operates at high speed and with a high precision is available in 3 different versions: for products with a small diameter, for diameters up to 30 mm and for diameters up to 120 mm. The robust design of the system ensures that knocks or temperature changes do not have any effect on measuring results.

In addition to the highlight of our new x-ray technology, iNOEX GmbH is proud to present our advancements in radar sensor technology for the plastics materials industry which is very likely to secure you decisive competitive advantages.

WARP XXL – High-precision wall thickness and diameter measurement for large pipes up to 3500 mm

WARP XXL – The system for large pipes – now up to 3500 mm

WARP XXL is a highly precise pipe measuring system for wall thickness and diameter measurement of 8 to 32 measuring spots on 4 to 16 axes. The system is based on the latest iNOEX radar sensor technology. The innovative radar chip, the specifically designed lens geometry and the high-power electronics are the core parts of this future-oriented technology. The system supplies exact measuring data and offers a very simple operation.

Due to the particularly flexible and modular sensor technology, even pipes that show a strong eccentricity can be measured for the first time. As such, it becomes possible to exactly identify and quantify the occurrence of sagging. Sensors and their measuring spot on the pipe are automatically realigned so that even the smallest variations from set standards become evident. This sagging alarm function implemented early on in the extrusion process offers an enormous cost savings potential.

Further, the number of sensors is flexible which means that the concentration of sensors can be increased in the trouble spots of the process – for example in lower angle positions.

Thus, optimum conditions are created to centre large pipes early on in the process in order to save materials and costs.

WARP XXL is available for diameter ranges from 630 – 3500 mm. It measures (depending on the material) wall thickness sizes between 5 to 250 mm. All iNOEX WARP systems offer further advantages such as an extremely minimized space requirement in extrusion direction, a user-friendliness and the smart maintenance concepts which can be carried out during the ongoing production process. A complete documentation of the production process in a data bank and the standardized process data interface (OPC-UA) conform to the current state-of-the art industrial standard.

Digitization of your production process

iNOEX offers intelligent solutions to identify optimization potential and to analyze and evaluate product-specific key figures. This creates an added value for your production process. It is not only important to collect a large number of data, but to use it as a reliable guideline for any future production.

iDM 4.0 by iNOEX is a central data logger for process and quality data acquisition. It is executable on almost any existing server hardware thanks to its virtualization and Docker Containers. OPC-UA being the standardized process data interface for the latest measuring, control and automation solutions made by iNOEX, transmits data. Connectivity to legacy systems is granted via iDM Gateway. The integrated iTrend function offers the possibility to visualize production and process data in diagrams and to adapt displays individually.

A further step is the data fusion and analysis through the software „Grafana“. An ideal platform for documentation and supervision of the most relevant key figures, e.g. the overall line efficiency and the processing capability of the line. Freely configurable dashboards and reports allow needs-based statistics and analysis and thus the use as hall monitors.

Data transmission via iNOEX Edge Gateway into a cloud-solution of choice, e.g. Microsoft Azure, seamlessly connects multiple locations and thus provides an overview of the current production of all plants and extrusion lines all over the world. Fully in line with Big Data and the analysis options, all data is globally available at any time. Further, process data visualization is possible device-independently on Smart Devices.

In the future, algorithms in conjunction with artificial intelligence will make data evaluation even more simple.

On this year’s K Show in Düsseldorf a proven product portfolio redesigned to be on the cutting edge of technology will be presented to the trade public.

AUREX MK – complete package for highly precise ultrasonic measurement

In the field of ultrasonic technology, iNOEX GmbH offers tried and tested ultrasonic technology for wall thickness and diameter measurement under the brand name AUREX. 

AUREX MK is an economic all-in-one solution for ultrasonic measurement of pipes with diameters from 0,5-400 mm (depending on required sizes). High-precision measuring data of max. 7 layers starting at 0,02 mm wall thickness supplies all necessary information to save up to 5 % in consumed material.

The new AUREX MK400 measuring mechanics with its very slender construction size in extrusion direction and the direct mounting on the vacuum tank satisfy demands on low space requirement more than adequately. Sealing disks can be exchanged quickly and manually, without any tools, via levers. The exact guidance of the pipe is carried out by way of adjustable tapered rollers.

All measuring data is documented and thus available as a comprehensive quality proof.

Detailed product information is provided at any time because the adherence to narrow tolerances of wall thickness, diameters and ovality is of high importance. In case a gravimetric iNOEX system is added, then wall thickness, thin points, weight per meter and mass throughput can be controlled which in turn will further increase the economic efficiency of the extrusion process.

The AUREX MK product series assumes nearly all tasks from measuring, control to documentation and is therefore the complete all-in-one solution for the automation of pipe extrusion lines.

AUREX ERS & Quality Check – 100% quality production

Due to the patented measuring principle of the Electronically Rotating Scanner (ERS), no spot of the pipe passes undetected. A complete inspection in lengthwise direction and along the pipe circumference protects you from undetected product defects and thus guarantees a plus in quality and efficiency. Process variations during the ongoing production will be recognized and offset to achieve a continuous and controlled flow production. This is particularly important for the extrusion of gas pipes. AUREX ERS thus provides the safety of a 100 % quality production.

The measuring system with its ultrasonic sensors carries out a 100 % inspection of pipe wall thicknesses, with dimensions up to 630 mm and masters line speeds of up to 100 m/min. Evaluation of the signals reflected by the pipe happens through activation of the respective adjacent sensor, the so-called active-passive measurement. This kind of parallel communication achieves a very high level of measurement resolution. Smallest product variations will be identified.

In addition to the wall thickness inspection by AUREX ERS, a further novelty is in use: the optional Quality Check for single layer and co-ex pipes. Whereas the ERS is mainly used for the detection of wall thickness flaws, the Quality Check detects abnormalities on the exterior or interior side of the pipe or inside the pipe wall. This includes surface flaws such as indents, scratches, inclusions, holes or structural defects. Different options for display on the user interface support a more definite evaluation of flaws and their logging. Easy operation is supported by an Auto-Set function which automatically adapts the check to the currently produced pipe.

The combination of the Quality Check and the AUREX ERS will guarantee the best possible flaw inspection.

SAVEOMAT gravimetric systems – reliable dosing and reduced material consumption

SAVEOMAT is a gravimetric system used for trouble-free material feeding and the collection of data on mass throughput variations and their precise offset. Significant features of the SAVEOMAT are the utmost precision, the state-of-the art control and an easy operation. Hardware and software were more and more refined during 35 years of cooperation with our customers and extrusion line manufacturers. The same volume is not identical to the same mass – this guideline summarizes demands on a modern gravimetric automation system. iNOEX therefore consistently uses the material weight as measurement unit.

Mechanics and electronics are adapted to each other in order to grant a precise and intelligent dosing process of all material components. Retrofitting is easy due to the modular design of all electronic components. A stand-alone feature of the igs-electronics developed by iNOEX its capability for self-optimization. The measuring electronics independently adapts to each material component and self-optimizes during each measuring cycle. State-of the-art dosing motors offer a large speed range and high torque so that in turn no screw changes are required. Sophisticated control algorithms grant a continuous conveyance of even the smallest material quantities directly on top of the extruder.

The dosing of solid, liquid, powder or multiple components, whether PE-, PP-, PVC or PVC-O extrusion lines: iNOEX GmbH offers a tailor-made solution for each application. The result is a higher flexibility, a higher economic line efficiency and a higher profitability. Material savings can be up to 5 % (depending on mass throughput quantities and production time).

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